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Flagstone Patio Gets Revamped with a Stone Sealing Service in Scottsdale, Arizona

June 21, 2016

Climate is an important factor to consider when protecting and maintaining any exposed stone surface. This fact is most relevant for places that have extreme weather conditions, such as Scottsdale, Arizona. The temperature there goes over 80F, and they have clear skies with sunshine almost all year long. This extreme weather explains why many people have pools outside their houses. When it comes to stone patios, flagstone is a very common choice because of its great traction. Another good reason to install it is because it stays cooler than tile and other stones. Nevertheless, a pool area means that surfaces are highly exposed to water, which can deteriorate the stone.

Flagstone Patio Gets Revamped with a Stone Sealing Service in Scottsdale, Arizona

This homeowner was one of the many Scottsdale residents that chose flagstone for his pool area, and after time and use, the effects of the weather became noticeable. The stone surface was really eroded. It did not look anything like when it was installed. It had discoloration, etches, and stains. The homeowner was very frustrated, as he was unable to find a solution on his own and watched how it worsened as time went by. Our customer mentioned his stressful situation to a neighbor and he suggested sealing the stone to protect it. The homeowner convinced himself to look for professional help. He went online looking for local Scottsdale Stone Sealing services and found Sir Grout Phoenix among the first options.

Stone patio floors, mostly in pool areas, are greatly exposed to water and heavy foot traffic. This exposure, combined with time and weather conditions, can chip and peel the surface of the stone tile, leaving an unsealed porous surface. Unsealed stone floors translate into permeable areas that are able to trap dirt and become damaged by UV rays.

Our customer decided to contact us for the free evaluation that he saw on our website. Our team showed up at the customer's home at the time they had agreed and evaluated the conditions of the stone. They told the homeowner the flagstone floor was very worn, dirty, and discolored. The good news was that there was a solution to restore it to its former glory. They would have to clean the stone tiles and seal them after to maintain the results. Our customer was pleased with the evaluation and hired Sir Grout Phoenix's stone sealing service for his flagstone patio renewal.

Our professionals started by cleaning the stone with a pH-neutral cleaner and a high speed vertical scrubber, specially designed to deeply clean delicate stone surfaces. They also used vapor steam cleaning for the most difficult areas. Once the flagstone tiles were clean, they proceeded to apply a solvent-based color enhancer all over the stone surface. Color enhancers are specially used to bring out the natural colors of the stone. At the same time, they seal its surface, protecting flagstone from water, dirt, and permeation. Considering that it was an outdoor area in the heat of Arizona, the most noticeable damage was discoloration due to sun exposure, which made this kind of color enhancement application perfect for this particular case.

When the team finished, the flagstone patio floor had regained its natural colors. The homeowner was very pleased with the results. The flagstone's appearance was better now than when it was installed. He said it was ready for many more years of family fun during sunny days. The team explained that it was necessary to clean it periodically using only stone-safe and pH-neutral cleaning products to preserve the results. They recommended him to visit the Sir Grout Phoenix website for care tips and product recommendations.

If you live in Scottsdale and need to revive the natural look of your stone surfaces, then Sir Grout Phoenix is the option for you. We have highly trained professionals to help you restore your favorite stone surfaces. You can fill out the form on the website or call us at (480) 268-3257. You can also find us on Facebook at Sir Grout Phoenix, on Instagram @sirgrout, and on Twitter @SGPhoenixAZ. We will gladly assist you.


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