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Marble Rescue: See How a Stone Cleaning Service Restored the Dazzling Looks of this Master Shower in Tempe, AZ

February 21, 2017

Murphy's law states that every bad thing that can happen will happen if we do not take enough precautions. This law is especially applicable when it comes to DIY scenarios, particularly home improvement ones. Take the case of our latest client. She had a beautiful and modern marble shower that was turning a bit dull and needed a little polish. She had read on the internet about a vinegar mix that would return the original luster to her marble without the need for hiring a professional stone cleaning service. What she did not know is that vinegar corrodes marble, which resulted in a horrible stain in the middle of her shower floor that looked like a laboratory accident.

Before and After Picture of a Marble Shower Stone Cleaning Service in Tempe, Arizona

Given her results, she decided not to try any more of her solutions and to look for a professional Tempe stone cleaning service. A friend of hers recommended Sir Grout Phoenix after she had had a satisfactory experience getting her kitchen's stone surfaces cleaned. Trusting her friend's advice, our client found Sir Grout Phoenix and filled out the "Request a quote" form to sign for a free in-home evaluation.

Our team of experts arrived a few days later to take a look at her shower. It is never recommended to use vinegar, ammonia, lemon, or orange-based cleaners since the acidity etches marble surface on contact. The beautiful black floor of this shower was horribly discolored, but not beyond repair. Our technicians suggested a stone cleaning to restore the marble to its former hues. Hoping this could bring back her shower's former appearance, our client accepted.

Before and After Picture of a Marble Shower Stone Cleaning Service in Tempe, Arizona
When the scheduled day arrived, our team of specialists arrived at the client's residence ready to work. First, they applied our own soap-less, pH balanced cleaner using a high-speed but soft scrubber to remove most of the dirt and used a steam cleaner for the difficult spaces. To clean the stone, our technicians used our proprietary pH neutral cleaner to pre-treat the marble and then used our state-of-the-art vertical scrubbing system to remove the heavy stains on the floor. Once this was done, we applied sealant to protect the stone from future damage.

When our client saw the results, she sighed with great relief. She thought she had permanently ruined her beautiful shower and was extremely grateful that this was not the case.

Our team was sure the client would never dare to use vinegar or other acidic cleaners on her marble again and left her with a few simple stone cleaning tips to care for her marble without causing another accident. They explained that to clean marble it is best to use a soft cloth and specially formulated marble cleaner and not let staining agents, like soap and hard water, sit on it for too long. Also, the shower must be dried after every use to prevent water stains. Lastly, they advised her to look for professional help if those or any of her own methods aren't working. Marble is a very soft and delicate stone and for it to look its best, it must be treated with utmost care.

If your stone surfaces are showing signs of deterioration, maybe it is time to consider a stone cleaning service. We at Sir Grout are prepared to take care of your marble, travertine, and granite with our specially formulated stone cleaning products. Contact us a (480) 268-3257 or request a quote and sign up for a free in-home evaluation. If you are interested in more stone care tips, feel free to follow us on Facebook at Sir Grout Phoenix, on Twitter @SGPhoenixAZ and on Instagram @sirgrout.


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