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Stone Honing Job in Scottsdale, Arizona Brings This Marble Countertop Back to Life

June 10, 2016

Marble countertops evoke a feeling of grandeur and luxury in any home. When at their prime, they add a dash of elegance and fill your home with good vibes. The problem comes when hard water deposits start to build up on your marble countertop. When hard water deposits begin to build up, they leave a white film on your stone, and it becomes dull and antique. When homeowners see the white film on their countertops, they try to use DIY techniques and recipes they see on the internet. Most of those recipes are acidic and will only worsen the problem, which is what this homeowner did. She tried cleaning her countertop with white vinegar and let it sit for a couple of hours, then she cleaned it with a toothbrush and rinsed the surface. The more she tried to clean it, the more antique it looked. The lovely shine her marble countertop once had was lost.

Stone Honing Job in Scottsdale, Arizona Brings This Marble Countertop Back to Life

The Scottsdale homeowner was devastated. She thought her investment had gone down the drain. Fortunately for this homeowner, a friend saw her bathroom and recommended her to look for Stone Honing in Scottsdale. She searched on the internet and found Sir Grout Phoenix. She loved their website and the testimonials from other customers, so she decided to give them a call.

The day of the appointment arrived. The homeowner was a bit nervous she didn't want to lose her marble countertop. When Sir Grout Phoenix's stone polishing team arrived, they first made an inspection of the countertop and found that, as a matter of fact, she had hard water buildup on her stone. They explained to her that she had hard water, which is the presence of calcium and magnesium on the stone. When these minierals build up, they leave a white film. Leaving water to dry on the surface of the countertop was the cause of the mineral deposits and the white film on her countertop. No matter the problem on marble countertops, they should never be cleaned with acidic or alkaline substances, since they could worsen the problem or cause other problems like etches. The team also explained what they were going to do to restore her marble countertop. She felt relieved when she heard that she wasn't going to lose her lovely marble.

Our highly trained team began to hone the stone to create a smooth finish. Then, they polished the stone with chemicals that are ideal for marble, and they used special buffing tools to make the surface shine again. The last step was to apply a sealant specially designed to protect her marble and preserve its appearance.

When they showed the countertop to the homeowner, she was mesmerized! She couldn't believe that Sir Grout Phoenix's polishing team had restored her marble countertop, and now it looked better than new! The team was happy that the customer was satisfied and didn't want to leave without giving her some recommendations to preserve her countertop. The best ways to preserve marble countertops are by cleaning them only with pH-neutral cleaners and sealing the marble once every 12-18 months.

Does your stone surface have a white film that makes it look antique and dull? If this is the case, it might be time to hire Scottsdale's professional stone honing service to restore your stone's elegant appearance. Call us today at (480) 268-3257 or fill out the form below to schedule a free evaluation! Don't forget to add us on Facebook at Sir Grout Phoenix, and follow us on Twitter @SGPhoenixAZ and Instagram @SirGrout.


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