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This homeowner's Marble Floor in Phoenix Got a Glossy Shine After a Stone Polishing Service

September 27, 2017

When these homeowners built their house, they didn't only think about having a lovely home that would give them and their children shelter, but that would also match their personalities and tastes. Since fall was their favorite season, they decided to decorate their home with shades of brown, which led them to choose marble tiles for the floor. That way, they gave the house a touch of elegance while creating a home atmosphere that reminded them of their favorite time of the year.

Before and After Picture of a Floor Stone Polishing Service in Phoenix
As time passed, the floor started to become dull, but they decided they would take care of it later. However, the couple wanted to throw a party to celebrate the anniversary of the company where the homeowner worked. Since he had always had a good relationship with his boss and colleagues, he felt confident enough to invite them over to his house, and his wife thought it was a good idea. Nevertheless, when they were preparing the party, the floor's dullness became the main problem. They both agreed that his colleagues should not see it in that condition, as they wanted to make a good impression. So, they browsed the Internet for a Phoenix stone polishing service, hoping they could find a company that could solve the problem as quickly as possible.

They found Sir Grout Phoenix's hard surface restoration services and called the next day to arrange an appointment. They emphasized that it was an emergency and, therefore, they needed the inspection to be done as soon as possible. The Sir Grout Phoenix representative who answered their call told them not to worry, and scheduled the visit for that same afternoon.

At the agreed time, a group of Sir Grout Phoenix hard surface restoration specialists went to their home and inspected the floor. They noticed that it had been subjected to many years of foot traffic and inappropriate cleaning techniques. The homeowners told the technicians about the party that would be held a week later, which was the reason the job was an emergency. Our specialists told them they would solve the situation quickly so they could throw the party in a pleasant environment.

Before and After Picture of a Floor Stone Polishing Service in Phoenix
The Sir Grout Phoenix team returned the following day and set to the task. They started the restoration process by honing the floor to remove some scratches that were there. After that, they polished it with a buffer. As the floor was being polished, its luster started to reappear, until there was no trace of the dullness it showed earlier that same day.

When the homeowners were shown the final result, they were very happy. They were completely pleased and thanked our team of specialists for doing a successful job. After, our team taught them how to take care of the floor so it would not lose its shine again. One of the recommendations was to clean spills immediately, as this would prevent stains. Also, they recommended using a pH-neutral, stone-safe cleaner.

Does your floor look similar to the one above? Sir Grout Phoenix offers stone polishing and a wide array of hard surface restoration services. If you live in Phoenix or surrounding areas, call us at (480) 268-3257 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page for a free evaluation. Also, find us on Facebook as Sir Grout Phoenix, or follow us on Twitter @SGPhoenixAZ and Instagram @SirGrout. We are willing to assist you with any problem related to hard surfaces.


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