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A Grout Cleaning Service in Chandler, AZ, Made This Kitchen Floor Look Spotless!

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February 28, 2018

A businessman found himself between a rock and a hard place when having to close a deal with a new, but very important client and found a solution where he least expected, through a grout cleaning service in Chandler, AZ. This all happened about a month ago, when his boss assigned him a very important client that could potentially generate a lot of revenue for the company he worked for.

Before and After Picture of a Kitchen Floor Grout Cleaning Service in Chandler, Arizona
At first, it seemed like no big deal. He had successfully closed multiple deals like these in the past. He just had to book a reservation in one of the finest restaurants in town, be at the top of his game and everything would be fine. Right?

Well, things didn't prove to be so simple. You see, this specific client owned a family business and valued hospitality and a good homecooked meal over any fancy restaurant. This meant he would likely have to change his strategy and invite the client to his home if he really wanted to impress him. He had a beautiful family with well-behaved kids and a caring wife, who happened to be a remarkable cook. Unfortunately, his real and only problem was his house, and in particular, his kitchen floor.

It looked dirty and worn, and to make things worse, the fact that the house had an open concept design made this issue almost impossible to hide. So, determined not to lose this deal, the businessman looked on the internet to find a solution. He searched for grout cleaning service near him and found our website. With his wife, he browsed through our blog and was quickly convinced professional help was needed and that we could solve their problem.

The Evaluation

After contacting us for a free appointment, we agreed on a date and time for an in-home evaluation. When the day finally arrived, our group of technicians stepped into the businessman's house and headed straight to the kitchen to inspect the troublesome floor.

As expected, the lack of proper care and maintenance, plus the usual traffic, had caused the grout lines between the kitchen tiles to become dirty. To fix this problem, our experts proposed to do a thorough tile and grout cleaning, plus ColorSeal service to protect it from further grime. Pleased with the assessment, a date was scheduled for the restoration to take place.

The Process

The day had arrived, and the couple were more than eager to get their problem solved. Our crew cleared out the area and got straight to work.

Once everything was prepped, they began by cleaning the kitchen floors with special grout cleaning agents, and a high-speed scrubber. This successfully removed most of the dirt and grime from the tiles and grout. Later, a vapor steam cleaner was used to remove the remaining grime from troublesome places.

Finally, when the floor was completely clean and dry, the crew proceeded to apply our proprietary ColorSeal. This product not only shields the surface of the grout, preventing dirt from accumulating, but also protects it from possible stains and mold, thanks to its built-in mildicides.

Through the ColorSeal process, it was possible to give the grout its clean and white shine back, and a consistent grout color throughout the kitchen floor.

The Outcome

After the process was over, the kitchen floor looked spotless. There were no traces of dirt to be found between the tiles and everything was ready to receive this important guest. The businessman and his wife were very pleased with the outcome. The businessman even said his kitchen floor now looked "clean enough to eat off of it."

Our experts explained how they did not only leave the floor shiny and restore its original appearance, but it is now protected from scratches, stains and spills, thanks to our grout and tile cleaning and sealing service. Also, just before leaving, they gave to the couple a few recommendations on how to keep their floors clean and fresh.

  • Tip No. 1: Use proper cleaners to sanitize your tile floors.

    Try to use soap-less cleaners to sanitize your tile floors, as soap-based cleaners can leave a sticky residue that tends to attract dirt. Also, pH can be a problem, as acid or alkaline based cleaners break down grout. Therefore, pH neutral cleaners are recommended, because they are safe on grout.

    Finally, avoid petroleum-based cleaners, such as lacquer thinner, mineral spirits or acetone, on surfaces where ColorSeal is applied, as these chemicals can compromise its properties.

  • Tip No. 2: Use a proper cleaning method.

    The way you clean your floors can also be a factor, as using a dirty mop or rinsing the dirty mop into the cleaning solution can cause grime to build up. Also, excessive scrubbing or friction while cleaning is unnecessary, as ColorSeal makes the surface easier to clean.

  • Tip No. 3: Check the sealant every three months.

    If the sealer is working properly, your grout should not absorb liquid. Therefore, every three months place a couple drops of water on the surface of the grout and watch to see if it beads. If it doesn't, it is a sign that the liquid was absorbed and might need to be resealed.

Grout Cleaning Service Near You!

If you're fed up with your dirty floor and are in dire need of professional help to solve this problem, feel free to give us a call at (480) 588-0731 or to fill out the "Request a Quote" form found on this page to set a date for a free evaluation, so you can hire our grout and tile cleaning service.

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