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A Grout Cleaning Service in Phoenix Restored a Child's Bedroom Floor after It Was Tarnished by a Haboob

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March 24, 2023

Arizona can be a wonderful place. It has warm weather, amazing cuisine, and the most breathtaking sunsets you will ever see. But what most out-of-towners don't realize about Arizona is that being so close to a desert has its bad points. During certain months it can be really hot, the desert is full of wildlife that won't hesitate to fight back if encountered, and there's tons of dust that coats everyone and everything. A family from Phoenix learned this when their youngest child left her room's window open during a haboob—a giant wall of sand and dust that swoops throughout the terrain. Luckily, our Phoenix Grout Cleaning experts were able to save the day.

Before and after Picture of Our Grout Cleaning Process in This Bedroom Floor

The Unfortunate Incident

This family had recently moved to Phoenix, Arizona. They were still getting accustomed to their new surroundings and hadn't even finished unpacking when the unfortunate incident happened. Their youngest child, completely unaware that dust was such a big deal in Arizona, forgot to close her window in the morning before leaving for school. That same afternoon the family was shocked to discover that the entire room had been completely covered in dust.

The homeowners and older siblings did their best to clean the child's room and belongings. They managed to salvage most of her clothes and furniture, but no matter how hard they scrubbed or what new cleaning product they used, they couldn't get the floor in pristine condition again.

Realizing that they wouldn't be able to solve the problem, the family decided to ask the neighbors for help. One of them recommended Sir Grout Phoenix and pointed them to our website. After reading some of our testimonials from former clients and browsing our blog, they decided to fill out the form and ask for a free in-home inspection.

Sir Grout Phoenix's Inspection

The next day, our hard surface restoration experts showed up at the family's home to assess the problem. Upon entering the child's room, they immediately identified the problem. Even though the family had done a good job cleaning, the use of soap-based cleaners left a sticky residue. This residue led to dirt accumulation between the tiles, making the entire floor look dingy.

To restore the tile surface, our experts proposed doing a thorough cleaning service on both grout and tiles. They would later apply our special sealant on the grout. By using ColorSeal instead of ordinary sealant, our technicians would be able to restore, protect, and give the grout a whole new look by recoloring it. Happy with what they were told, the family agreed to have the service that same week.

Restoring the Child's Bedroom

A couple of days later, our technicians were again at the family's home to clean and restore the damaged floor. They got everything prepped quickly and began the cleaning process by applying Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. They let the product sit for a while to loosen up the dirt and to let its properties start working. We later removed it with a high-speed scrubber and used a vapor steam cleaner on corners and hard-to-reach areas.

Once the tile surface was clean and properly dried, our techs applied ColorSeal all over the grout lines. This special sealant acts as a protective layer to shield the grout against dust, stains, scratches, and moisture. It also allowed our crew to change the grout's color to a light shade of gray, giving the entire floor a new aesthetic.

The Results
The results were as expected. The child's bedroom looked even better than it did when the family moved in. It was completely clean and the grout's new color gave the room a whole new clean appearance.

The family was pleased with the outcome, but what pleased us most was the child's reaction. She was absolutely relieved we could restore her bedroom to the way it was before. She said she'd be more careful and never leave her window open again.

Before leaving, our experts sat down and had a chat with the family to share a couple of tips on how to care for their newly restored floor, as well as all their hard surfaces. First, they recommended using a pH-neutral soap-free cleaner such as Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. This product won't leave a sticky residue, won't damage your grout or hard surfaces, and safely sterilizes. Finally, they suggested dusting periodically to prevent dirt and dust accumulation.

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