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A Grout Recoloring Service is Exactly What This Travertine Floor in Phoenix, AZ Needed to Look Pristine

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January 28, 2023

Even if they happen right before their eyes, most people fail to notice small changes. In this homeowner's case, it was dirt accumulation. Like most people, she regularly cleaned her bathroom floor. However, she didn't use products safe for stone and grout. The cleaning solutions slowly ate away at the floor's sealant, allowing dirt and moisture to seep into the grout lines over time.

Travertine Floor Before and After a Grout Recoloring Service in Phoenix, AZ
Even though the grout was severely discolored, the Phoenix resident never noticed how the floor was getting increasingly dirty until a friend came to visit. Her friend asked the homeowner if she had noticed the grout lines on the bathroom floor had acquired a grayish tone. She also explained that even though it might be harmless, it could also be the symptom of a bigger problem. Concerned, the homeowner asked her friend what she should do. She suggested searching online for grout recoloring experts in Phoenix to restore the grout's appearance.

After the homeowner performed the search, Sir Grout Phoenix's website appeared in the top search results. She watched a few video testimonials from previous customers and saw the results we had achieved with other floors in our picture gallery. In the end, she decided to fill out the form to schedule a free assessment and a quote.

Many factors can cause darkened grout, but one of the main causes is dirt accumulation. It happens when dust and other substances seep into the grout's pores because of inadequate cleaning methods or a worn-out sealant. Mold can also make the grout lines look darker, so it shouldn't be left unattended.

On the day of the evaluation, our trained technicians visited the client's home to inspect the floor. It was exactly as the client had described over the phone. Grimy, thick grout lines that had acquired an awful color. To solve the problem, our crew offered the customer a two-step grout recoloring service. First, they would thoroughly clean the grout lines on the floor. Next, they would recolor the grout using our proprietary sealant ColorSeal. The client agreed to the proposal.

Our crew returned a few days later to restore the grout. The first step was soaking the floor with a pH-neutral stone-safe cleaner. This cleaner also contains properties that'll help eradicate mold, mildew, and common household bacteria. After letting the cleaner soak for a few minutes, most of the dirt came loose. To extract the remaining dirt from the tiles and fixtures, our techs used a high-speed scrubber.

After they finished cleaning, our team carefully applied our flagship sealant ColorSeal to the grout lines. This is an acrylic-based sealant that shuts off the grout's pores, protecting it against water, dirt, stains, mold, and mildew. It also comes in a variety of colors. The client chose beige to match the beautiful appearance of her travertine tiles.

Once they finished, our experts showed the homeowner the results. When she saw how clean the grout lines looked, she couldn't believe how she had failed to notice they were in dire need of maintenance. She thanked our team and promised to pay more attention to the hard surfaces in her home. Keeping grout clean doesn't need to be a complicated ordeal. With that in mind, our techs gave the customer a few simple tips to ensure the floor remained in good condition. They first recommended wiping away excess water after every shower. This is a key step to prevent dirt accumulation and mold growth. They also suggested avoiding acidic and soapy cleaners. It's best to use a pH-neutral stone-safe cleaner like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner to regularly clean the floor. Our proprietary cleaning solution is also specially made to preserve and enhance the effects of ColorSeal.

When your grout looks like a dirty mess, you should leave it in the hands of hard surface restoration professionals. Here at Sir Grout Phoenix, we have the necessary tools and expertise to provide you with the best services. To schedule a free consultation for our residential or commercial services, call us at (480) 588-0731 or fill out the "Schedule a Free Quote" form on this page. You can also keep up with our latest news and innovations by subscribing to our newsletter.
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