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A Stone Honing and Polishing Service in Phoenix, AZ, Brought Back the Beauty to This Marble Countertop

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May 10, 2018

Marble countertops are timeless with their classic beauty and elegance; they give any home a refined look. However, marble is a porous, high-maintenance surface vulnerable to staining agents, such as wine, juice and oil which seep deep into it. Also, it is prone to etching, which makes it look dull and more vulnerable to scratches. This homeowner in Phoenix, AZ, was very proud of her stylish marble countertop; all her friends always said it gave the house a lovely look, which made her very happy. That is why when she noticed her once shiny and beautiful marble countertop had become unappealing and dim, she had to look for a professional stone honing and polishing service in Phoenix, AZ.

Before and after picture of a Marble Countertop Honing and Polishing in Phoenix, Arizona
Before turning to professionals, she tried to solve the problem herself. She thought she would fix it by cleaning the surface, so she looked for methods to do it on her own. Using a mix of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, she tried to get rid of the stains, to no avail. After realizing she risked damaging her countertop, she decided to seek help. She went online and searched for professionals in stone honing and polishing in Phoenix, AZ and found Sir Grout Phoenix in the top search results. After carefully browsing our site and reading all the positive comments from our clients, she was convinced we were the right company for her. She immediately gave us a call to schedule a free in-home consultation.

We arrived at the house on the planned date for the evaluation of the marble countertop. The woman was ready for us to begin the assessment. We immediately spotted the issues. It was surrounded by dull spots known as etches, which caused the countertop to have a lackluster appearance. We explained to her that any acid will react with the composition of the marble and eat away the surface thus creating etches. Etching is caused by improper cleaning methods or splashes of acidic substances left on the surface for long periods of time.

After the assessment was completed, we offered a stone honing and polishing service to remove the etching from the countertop and recover its original lustrous and radiant appearance. We pointed out that natural stone surfaces can be revitalized with the proper procedure and our specialized treatment would give the life back to the marble. After hearing that, she agreed and was eager to set up a date for the job.

Before and after picture of a Honing and Polishing in Phoenix, Arizona
A couple of days later we returned to the client's house to proceed with the stone honing and polishing service. It was a multi-step process which consisted of:
  • Cleaning the surface of the marble countertop using the right products and a high-speed scrubber. By doing this, we made sure there was no dirt or dust left on the countertop.

  • Honing the surface. Once it was completely clean, we used a low grit pad and began grinding until all the etch marks disappeared.

  • Polishing the surface. Increasing the levels of grit, we continued grinding until the countertop achieved the shine desired by the owner.
After our work was done we showed the results to the owner. She was in awe and marveled at how beautiful the countertop looked. It was as shiny and radiant as the first time she saw it. The dazzling, natural allure of the marble had been restored. She was delighted, and after thanking us, she stated she would recommend Sir Grout Phoenix to all her friends who needed stone honing and polishing services.

She couldn't have been happier with the outcome and told us that choosing marble for her bathroom countertop was a difficult decision, but the charm and refinement had ultimately won her over. All the compliments she was getting convinced her it was the right choice. Although, as time passed, taking care of it had become challenging, since she was busy with everything else around the house. Because of that, one of her concerns was how difficult it would be to conserve the renewed luster of her countertop; we assured her that from that point on, it would be easier and faster to keep it lustrous.

Before leaving, we gave her some recommendations to preserve the beauty and gloss of her marble countertop. We suggested keeping the surface as dry as possible, and to remove any spills immediately. Also, we told her to avoid using acidic substances to clean it because they will eat into the marble surface and dull the stone. We also recommended using a pH-neutral, stone-safe cleaner with soft cloth when performing maintenance to the countertop.

Marble is a luxurious yet sensitive material that requires proper care and upkeep. It absorbs liquids quite easily, causing blemishes and stains that will make it look worn and dull. However, a perfectly gleaming marble countertop immediately catches the eye of everyone with its gorgeous, distinctive look. With our recommendations, keeping the shine and beauty of the countertop will be easy, and it will maintain its fabulous look for years to come.

Are you worried that your natural stone surface is losing its beautiful gleam? Don't worry. Our experienced technicians can give it back. Sir Grout Phoenix offers professional stone honing and polishing services that will bring back the luster to your stone surface and will make it beautiful once again. You can contact us by calling (480) 588-0731 or by filling out the "Request a Quote" form for a free evaluation. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our latest info and promotions.

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