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Complete House Renovation After A Thorough Stone Cleaning Service in Mesa, AZ

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June 14, 2017

Travertine is a beautiful material that brings elegance to any room in your home. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of how to take care of it in order to keep it in good condition. This floor in a home in Mesa, AZ, had been neglected for years: everyday wear, the wrong choice of cleaning products, and an incorrectly done cleaning procedure caused serious damage. The time had come for the homeowners to try to find a solution to restore and revive it. They promptly started looking for professional Mesa stone cleaning services, which proved to be the best solution.

Before and After Picture of a Travertine Stone Cleaning Service in Mesa, Arizona
The travertine floor needed to be cleaned as part of several other home repairs the family wanted to do. Floors in pristine condition make any home look neat, therefore, it seemed appropriate for the clients to start their home renewal process by hiring a reliable company to help restore their travertine floors. After finding out about a company from their friends who had a similar stone cleaning service done on their kitchen floor, it was time to contact them and arrange an in-home consultation.

Before and After Picture of a Travertine Stone Cleaning in Mesa, Arizona
The experts agreed that a stone cleaning job needed to be done considering the amount of damage to the travertine. There was a topical sealer that was improperly applied and multiple pitted areas across the floor. One major characteristic of natural stone is porosity, but in this case, the holes had become bigger and grime had accumulated in them. This gave the tiles and grout a dirty appearance, making it clear that the house hadn't had any repairs in a long time. Another characteristic of travertine is softness; compared to granite, for instance, it is not nearly as dense and hard. Obviously, daily wear tends to make the crevices and holes considerably wider.

Before and After Picture of a Marble Vanity Top Stone Polishing Service in Mesa, Arizona
Thinking to further complement their home repairs, the clients requested us to take a look at one of their marble vanity tops that was looking dull. After the expert team had asked a few questions about their usual cleaning procedure, it was clear that the use of highly acidic cleaners was responsible for the deterioration of the stone and had left the surface etched and rough. The owners promptly agreed to a polishing service for the vanity in addition to the stone cleaning for the travertine floor.

We noticed that, aside from the poor maintenance, the floor was previously sealed with a topical sealer that had been incorrectly applied. In these cases, the sealer dries on the surface, usually causing an unattractive finish that can generate unnecessary or costly repairs. The procedure we did on this floor aimed primarily at fixing this problem, and consisted of cleaning the floor thoroughly, to eliminate any residue from the previous sealer.

The next step was repairing the numerous holes and cracks on the surface of the travertine, then refinishing it to a high satin gloss. For this, we used high-grit pads that buffed away the uneven spots on the surface, and provided the glossy shine the client was expecting. Also, some bigger holes were filled, since they were considerably deeper and needed extra attention.

Finally, we color sealed the soiled and cracked grout to give the floor an impeccable look. ColorSeal is perfect to avoid grime, dust, and residue from spills, in addition to giving the grout a color that can act as a decorative accent. Another important point to keep in mind was that the clients have pets and were worried about the possibility of the product we used being toxic. We explained that it is water-based and completely safe for animals and children. All these steps were enough for an excellent stone cleaning service.

Upon completion of the first job, we started working on the marble vanity top. It was necessary to buff the surface; this made the surface smooth and reflective. The bathroom instantly regained its luxurious appearance.

Needless to say, the clients were completely satisfied with the results of both the stone cleaning and polishing. Their expectations were fulfilled, exceeded even. They were left with a perfectly clean, sealed, and beautiful travertine floor, and a glossy, smooth, and attractive marble vanity. The experts showed efficiency and knowledge in their field, proving to be highly recommendable.

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