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From Dull to Shiny: This Vanity Top Was Revamped after a Stone Honing and Polishing Service in Scottsdale, AZ

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January 30, 2018

Stone is the perfect combination of beauty, elegance, and durability that every homeowner desires. Since ancient times, people have turned to natural stone for its style and durability. Today, it is still one of the most popular options when it comes to adding modern yet classic décor to a house. In fact, stone was precisely the main reason why this homeowner bought her house years ago. It was love at first sight! Ever since she entered the bathroom for the first time and saw the impressive travertine countertop, it became her favorite room in the house. Unfortunately, over the years, it had become an unappealing surface. For that reason, she started looking for a company that offered stone honing and polishing in Scottsdale—where she lived.

Before and After Picture of a Stone Honing and Polishing Service in Scottsdale, AZ
Our Client's Story
This homeowner moved into this house a few years ago, and since day one, the bathroom has been her sanctuary. She enjoyed taking long baths after work. Given that it was her favorite place in the house, she took special care when cleaning it. She applied all the tricks and products that her mother had taught her. However, after a while, her precious vanity top had lost its luster, and the colors seemed to be fading away. No matter what she did, the travertine surface was looking drab with etch marks and water marks.

The owner decided to look for professional help, so she went online and searched for Scottsdale stone honing and polishing companies. As soon as she pressed enter, a list of results appeared on her computer screen. She focused on the top search results, where she found Sir Grout Phoenix, a renowned hard surface restoration company in town. After reading some reviews and social media posts, the homeowner decided to schedule a free, in-home consultation.

Before and After Picture of a Vanity Top Stone Honing and Polishing Service in Scottsdale, AZ
Our Team's Assessment
On the day of the appointment, our team of experts arrived at the client's house to evaluate the bathroom. The specialists immediately determined the causes of the damage. They not only knew how to fix the surface, but also how to prevent it from getting damaged again in the future. First, they would deeply clean the surface. Then, they would hone and polish the stone. Lastly, they would seal the travertine vanity top to protect it from future damage.

Travertine: Main Characteristics and Problems
Travertine is often confused with limestone and marble. Nevertheless, it is crucial to identify and understand the differences between them in order to properly maintain travertine. Despite its resemblance to limestone and marble, travertine has unique characteristics that require special care. This beautiful, elegant stone is rather soft because it is a sedimentary rock, which means that its layers have not undergone intense pressure and heat, like metamorphic rocks.

Also, it is important to mention that travertine is mainly made up of calcium carbonate, which makes it highly prone to cracking and etching. This etching is caused by a chemical reaction between calcium carbonate and acids. Additionally, travertine is very porous, which can allow liquids and dirt to permeate its surface, leading to stains, water marks, and deterioration.

Before and After Picture of a Stone Honing and Polishing in Scottsdale, AZ
Our Restoration Procedure
A few days later, our team of experts returned to the client's house with everything they needed to get started.
  • Cleaning
  • They began by combining the right cleaning products and a high-speed scrubber that removed all the dirt from the travertine slabs. They also used vapor steam cleaning on the more difficult areas.
  • Honing
  • Once the surface was completely clean, our crew of professionals started the honing process. Our stone specialists used a low grit pad and grinded the surface until all the etch marks, stains, and water marks disappeared.
  • Polishing
  • Our team continued grinding the surface with increasingly higher levels of grit. They gradually increased the grit pad number until they achieved the level of shine the homeowner had requested. During this part of the procedure, our team used a hand machine that gave the travertine surface a beautiful and uniform deep shine.
  • Sealing
  • After the surface had regained its former look, it was time seal the travertine surface, which would preserve the results, protect the stone, and deepen the natural colors of the countertop.
Another Successful Outcome
As soon as our team finished our stone honing and polishing procedures, they showed the results to the owner. She was thrilled to see the restored travertine surface. The woman thanked our team for such an incredible job and said we had exceeded her expectations. She also said that the place looked warmer and more welcoming than ever!

Care and Maintenance Tips
Before leaving, our experts gave the owner some tips on how to maintain the results. First, they told her that it was very important to remove dust form the surface. Also, they advised her to keep the surface as dry as possible and remove any spills. Finally, our team advised her to periodically check the sealant. They said that she could do this by just placing some drops of liquid on the stone. If the liquid beads, the sealant is still working. However, if the liquid is absorbed, it means that a new layer of sealant needs to be applied.

Contact Us Today!
If you need stone and hard surface restoration services, Sir Grout Phoenix is the best option for you! Your aged stone is not a lost cause. Our experienced technicians are ready to work their magic on your stone surfaces. For a free, in-home consultation, fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page, or call us at (480) 588-0731.

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