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Learn How Our Tile and Grout Cleaners in Phoenix, AZ Recovered the Beauty of This Bathroom Floor

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June 16, 2018

These Phoenix residents were about to mark another anniversary living in their gorgeous house. They are a married couple and bought the property many years prior. They had never done any remodeling, but the wife decided to remove the carpet from the bathroom floor. What they didn't know was that this decision would have the least expected consequences on the tiles beneath the carpet. Luckily, they found the perfect solution to the problem with our tile and grout cleaners in Phoenix, AZ.

Before and After of a Bathroom Floor Tile and Grout Cleaning in Phoenix, Arizona
The homeowners had never been through a remodel process, so before doing anything else, they asked around about the first steps to start the adventure. The area the couple wanted to remodel was the bathroom, so while they were planning everything, they were sure of one thing—the carpet on the floor was out. They both agreed they wanted to give a different but beautiful appearance to the room and removing the carpet would make a big difference.

Once everything was ready, they put the plan in action. The first thing they did was to strip out the carpet before cleaning the bathroom, but to their surprise, they noticed that the surface beneath had a few areas stained. They believed a good cleaning session would solve the problem.

A few weeks later, after many tries, they had not achieved the results expected. They didn't know what product to use, which method to apply, or what else to do to eliminate the marks on the floor. One day, the wife told the husband that her mom had mentioned a high-quality company that could help them in the bathroom floor restoration. The husband searched online for 'the best tile and grout cleaners in Phoenix', and the wife assured him the name of the company mentioned by her mom was: Sir Grout Phoenix. They were surprised to find our website among the first search results, so they decided to give us a chance. While browsing through the website, they verified the quality of our service by viewing a few pictures. After this, they were convinced that Sir Grout Phoenix was the best option they had, so they filled out the "Request a Quote" form on the page to set up a date for the free in-home evaluation.

On the day of the assessment, our tile and grout cleaners went to the clients' house to examine the floor and offer the most effective way to restore it. Once they entered in the bathroom, they saw the stains and asked the couple about them. After hearing what happened, our experts concluded that when the carpet was removed, it left marks on the surface. The tiles and grout lines needed to be cleaned too, so they offered a complete tile and grout cleaning job. They would also seal the floor to prevent future damages. The couple accepted and scheduled another date to get the job done.

On the day set, our technicians went back to the house to start the cleaning process. They began the restoration by applying a proper tile and grout cleaner. They let it soak for a few minutes, then, they used a high-speed but gentle scrubber to remove the dirt and grime accumulated over the years. On the hard-to-reach areas, they used a vapor steam cleaner. Since there was still traces of the marks on the floor, our specialists used acetone and a razor scraper to completely remove the marks.

The final step of the process was sealing the entire surface. To do so, our team used our proprietary sealant—ColorSeal. They explained this product protects the surface from dirt accumulation but also shields it from stains and mold. In addition, ColorSeal can give the grout lines a uniform color giving the client the option to match the color with the tiles.

After the job was done, the couple was invited to see their restored bathroom floor. They were amazed by how a tile and grout cleaning service totally changed the appearance of the bathroom for good. The homeowners thanked our experts and mentioned that if anyone they knew was in need of a hard surface restoration company, they would recommend our work.

Before leaving, our technicians wanted to give some recommendations about how to keep their bathroom looking beautiful. They suggested always using pH-neutral soap-free cleaners in their cleaning sessions because they do not damage the surface like soap-based products do. They mentioned using a clean mop and not rinsing it in the cleaning solution to avoid grime to build up. They also recommended maintaining the bathroom in a well-ventilated and dry area, using a towel or terry cloth to dry the floor and removing any cleaner residue or dirty water from the surface.

When you see that your surface is full of dirt and you are not able to solve the problem, we are your best option! Sir Grout Phoenix offers the most experienced and qualified experts to provide high-quality results. Call us at (480) 588-0731 or fill out the "Request a Quote" on this website to schedule a free in-home consultation. To know more information about our latest promotions, subscribe to our newsletter!

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