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No More Scratches! Learn What Our Stone Honing Service Did for this Astonishing Black Galaxy Granite Countertop in Tempe, AZ

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May 29, 2017

Galaxy granite is a classic addition to any home. It has been around since the 90's and its demand in today's market is as high as ever. One of the reasons it hasn't gone out of fashion is because of its versatile elegance, which allows for various combinations when designing a room like the kitchen or master bathroom. Another reason is that, despite the ever-changing trends, black galaxy granite has always been associated with luxury.

Before and After Picture of a Stone Honing Service on a Granite Countertop in Tempe Arizona
Galaxy granite is an igneous rock and its main distinguishing feature are the pin-sized golden specks that make it look like the universe. Aside from its beauty, galaxy granite is very durable and difficult to scratch, making it a great choice for countertops. However, this client of ours needed a Tempe stone honing service after scratching and dulling his countertops.

Our client, a Tempe native, had installed his black galaxy granite kitchen countertops a few years ago. Confident with granite's reputation as one of the hardest stones, he had been a little careless with the its usage and maintenance. The consequences left him unimpressed and looking for a quality hard surface restoration company that could help make the scratches disappear.

Before and After Picture of a Stone Honing on a Granite Countertop in Tempe Arizona
Our client contacted a friend that could refer him to reputed professionals. This particular friend worked as a property manager and had the contact numbers of several companies in Tempe. He told him that Sir Grout Phoenix was the best, most reliable option to revamp his countertop. He had used them numerous times to restore some of his property's surfaces and they always managed to get the job done in time with the highest of quality. His friend passed him Sir Grout Phoenix's contact number and our client set up a free in-home evaluation.

On the appointed day, our crew of specialists arrived at our client's residence to take a look at the countertop and determine the best course of action to take. Even though the scratches were bad, the experts told our client that a stone honing service could erase them and leave the granite surface smooth and shiny again. Trusting his friend's recommendation and our technicians' expertise, our client agreed to the service.

A few days later, our technicians returned to work on the countertop. First, they delineated the problematic area, and then they used diamond pads to grind down the granite until the damaged surface was completely flattened and smooth. Once this was done, they switched to smaller grit pads to polish the granite to a glossy shine, which they later enhanced by buffing the surface until it all matched. At last, they applied a deep penetrating sealant to protect the stone from spills and stains.

When the job was done, our technicians eagerly showcased their hard work to our client. Once he saw his galaxy granite shining like it used to, he thanked the team profusely, telling them he thought that our team was the best, hands down. He also told us he would call again for maintenance, as he wanted to keep his countertop looking sharp.

Before leaving, our techs gave him a few tips to avoid another problem like this in the future. Even if granite is particularly sturdy, it is better to use sharp edged instruments —like knives— with a cutting board, hot pads, trivets, or other surfaces that separate the tool from the stone; the knives won't be dulled and the granite won't be scratched. Also, avoid putting or dragging metal objects like pots, pans, toolbox implements, and other similar things directly over the stone, especially if they are very heavy.

Granite does not require heavy maintenance and to upkeep its appearance there are only a few things you should do. First, make sure to wipe and clean any spills on your countertop or floors once they happen, especially if they are from acidic substances like juices and other beverages, as these are more likely to stain the granite. Also, do not use ammonia-based detergent, or substances like vinegar or lemon, to clean the stone. Even though granite does not etch or dull very easily, it is best to avoid these cleaning products to be safe.

If your galaxy granite is scratched, etched, or dulled, your countertops could lose value, as your property. Here at Sir Grout Phoenix we have the most experienced hard surface restoration experts and the best quality products to revive all types of natural stone. Feel free to contact us by calling (480) 588-0731 or filling out our "Request a Quote" form.

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