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This Shower Said Goodbye to Discolored Grout Thanks to Our Grout Recoloring Services in Scottsdale, AZ

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June 26, 2017

Discoloration of newly installed grout occurs more often than thought. This homeowner from Scottsdale, Arizona, invested a large amount into renovating his master shower, only to wake up a couple of days later and discover that the grout of his renewed bathroom suddenly went from dark black to a mix of gray and white. The homeowner, a reputable doctor in the city, had previously hired a contractor to remove the old, generic white tiles of his shower and replace them with modern gray ones. However, the company didn't do a good job applying the grout around the new tiles, causing their premature discoloration.

Before and After Picture of a Grout Recoloring Service in Scottsdale, AZ
The homeowner wasn't fond at all of the stained grout in his shower, so he reached out to the company with his complaint and asked the contractors to remediate the problem. However, the company's crew couldn't figure out the source of the stains and was unable to fix it, so they reimbursed the Arizona resident to correct the problem with another company. The doctor decided to search for another grout recoloring company in Scottsdale that had a high reputation and fair prices. After asking around, a neighbor recommended him to try Sir Grout Phoenix—a company that his neighbor had hired a few months ago for a tile cleaning with outstanding results.

Before and After Picture of a Grout Recoloring in Scottsdale, AZ
After searching for us on Google, the resident discovered our website. There, he learned about our hard surface restoration services and saw the before and after pictures of our grout recoloring projects in the area. He was particularly impressed by our work restoring tiled bathrooms, which was just what he needed done. Confirming with our before and after pictures that we could solve his problem, he filled out the "Request a Quote" form on our page to schedule an appointment.

We received and confirmed the client's petition for a free, in-home consultation through our website. Our team went to the residence on the scheduled day to look at the grout problem in the shower. After a thorough inspection, the hard surface restorers concluded that the discoloration was probably due to poor grout installation. For grout to last and maintain a uniform color, it must be applied carefully and skillfully. Missteps like using too much water to mix the grout during installation, uneven curing, or improper sealing can cause discolored patches in grout and damage the overall appearance of a tiled surface.

During the examination, we learned about the customer's experience restoring his bathroom and how the company he had hired prior to contacting us let him down. For him, the blotchy grout ruined the whole appearance of the shower he had invested in and he wanted it fixed quickly, yet he was hoping the problem could be solved without removing and replacing all the grout. Fortunately, such a procedure wasn't necessary to restore the shower. We proposed to restore the grout using ColorSeal, Sir Grout's top-notch product to recolor grout to a uniform color. He agreed after listening to our plan, and that same day we settled the date to start the procedure.

Our hard surface experts went back to the residence later in the week to get the grout restoration project in motion. We started the job by applying a non-toxic, soap-less cleaner to scrub the gray tiles and to remove the dirt and grime around the grout before using ColorSeal. Given that the tiles had been lain down barely weeks ago, there wasn't much dirt and soil to remove. However, we never skip this step—it's essential that the surface is as clean as possible so the new grout can adhere properly to the surface. We also used a high-speed, gentle scrubber to achieve a deeper clean.

Once there were no signs of dirt, we proceeded with the recoloring phase. Our craftsmen used Sir Grout's proprietary, water-based, acrylic sealer—ColorSeal. Besides sealing the grout, this product comes in a variety of colors to match any tile's shade; for this particular client, we used a dark black color, just as he wanted when he decided to renovate his bathroom. For a finishing touch, we buffed on Sir Grout's TileArmor Sealant over the entire shower to protect the whole surface against future deterioration.

The procedure was a success; the client was extremely pleased and happy with the results. The grout was consistently dark after Sir Grout Phoenix's recoloring. Moreover, the grout became stain-, water-, mold- and mildew-resistant thanks to ColorSeal—this product prevents grout from turning white again, protects it from cleaning agents, chemical damage such as calcium build up, or any other foreign elements that could seep through the tiles and deteriorate them.

As part of our service, we gave the homeowner essential tips and recommendations to maintain the shower and keep the grout free of blotchy patches. Discoloration is a common reason why homeowners search for our grout recoloring services. In general, this problem occurs due to poor installation procedures, although situations like water damage, chipped grout, and other common issues that appear when a hard surface is not properly maintained, can also contribute to stained grout. We advised the client to clean the shower at least once a week using a pH-neutral, soap-less cleaner, which won't break down grout as acid or alkaline cleaners would. Although ColorSeal makes grout stain-resistant, we still recommended the client to clean up spills as soon as they occur in both tiles and grout to reduce the chance of stains from shampoo, soap, or other external agents. The homeowner thanked us for all the tips he would start putting into practice from that day on.

Does the grout in your shower look discolored? At Sir Grout Phoenix, we can help you restore it! We are experts in hard surface restoration services in Phoenix. Our technicians can repair, refresh, and protect any kind of hard surface, from wood to ceramic tiles to natural stones in bathrooms, kitchens, or patios. Call us at (480) 588-0731 or fill out our "Request a Quote" form on this website to schedule an appointment today! You can also subscribe to our newsletter.

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